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Discover How You Can Make GUARANTEED Returns of 10% or More Fixed Between 5 & 20 Years!

Join the ever increasing number of avid investors that are enjoying genuine and guaranteed returns of 10% p.a! Fixed between 5 – 20 years. How?…With a property investment that’s 100% legally secured against a asset you own!


Sleep well knowing you have total peace of mind. Not only are your funds safe, but your property investment is being managed & maintained to the highest European standards. New Nordic are a dedicated team of professionals that are long established, boasting almost eight years experience within Pattaya.


Let’s break this down and have a quick glance at the offer before getting into the details!


» New Nordic confidently assure you the complete peace of mind that comes with having invested in a fully managed property. With the added upside of not having to waste precious time, or the trouble and expense, that often go hand-in-hand with traditional rental property investment.

» New Nordic provide guaranteed returns on your investment. This allows you to make plans in both terms of time and finances as you know exactly how much you’ll be receiving and when you’ll be receiving it. Similar to ‘fixed returns’ you’d get from a savings account…

» …However a 10% guaranteed yearly return is New Nordic’s conservative estimate. The total return on your investment is not ‘fixed’ in a traditional sense. Potentially the final payout is much larger than your initial investment due to it being a ‘property asset’.

Sounding Good?

Then let’s get to some details.

» Who are New Nordic?

» What do they do?

» How can they offer investors such great returns, while ensuring guests get a top notch level of service?



Since their  inception the New Nordic Group have striven to accomplish a vision;


To produce a full holiday village, comprised in a range of property types, nestled closely together on Pratumnak Hill.


This is one of the highest regarded areas anywhere within the greater Pattaya & Jomtien region. Over the last eight years New Nordic have been acquiring as much land as possible, concentrated into a combined area that now covers over 80,000 sqm!

This has allowed New Nordic Village to produce a variety of properties, from low rise holiday accommodation to retirement villas. Having the foresight in doing this means New Nordic can continually improve the local infrastructure, bringing the surrounding and connecting footpaths and roads up-to European standards, including lighting, security and cleanliness.


This has grown to become New Nordic Village which now has over forty completed projects with plenty more underway, and are on target to having more than sixty completed projects over the next few years.

This continued success has been due to three core areas of expertise that make up the New Nordic Group

New Nordic Pattaya

Construction Company – With a dedicated team of planners, interior designers and skilled construction workforce. The advantage of this being that every part of the team is working hand-in-hand with each other, without any external complications that arise from using third party contractors.

New Nordic Group

Property Management Company – With a top-to-bottom highly trained staff, overseeing every aspect of running a fully integrated group of resorts. This includes everything from building maintenance and cleaning to 24 hour round the clock security. Plus full back office operations such as bookings, accounting and administration.

New Nordic Group

Tour & Travel Operator – Covering both Thai and overseas markets ensuring the rooms & resorts are booked. As well as providing a vast range of tours and activities for guest of New Nordic to enjoy whilst enjoying their vacations in Pattaya. This keeps visitors happy, ensuring future bookings.

For private investors New Nordic have a very attractive low entry level investment packages. As well as a secured investment with GUARANTEED returns, there is also a ‘buy back’ option available, whereby New Nordic will actually buy your property back from you at the exact amount you bought at. Investors can rest assured that ALL of New Nordics guarantees are written into legally binding contracts.


With the current financial markets globally and no matter what type of investment you may be considering, a secured real estate asset with guaranteed returns of 10% truly is hard to beat.


Many property developers in Thailand are trying to offer guaranteed rental returns to their buyers but most often are often on their least desirable units and is little more than a “discount” to help shift them. This is obvious when they only offer terms of one or two years. And even then it is not easy to get proof of a defined plan plan how they will ensure your unit is rented and taken care of properly.


As a highly successful, Tour Agency and Travel Operator they CAN and DO prove how they meet their guarantees!

A Unique & Attractive Opportunity

There’s nothing like this in Thailand

Nordic is made up of many projects and to keep things interesting each has its own concept, take a look at just some of the projects that make up New Nordic Village;

New Nordic Village


Possibly one of New Nordics finest additions! It’s spacious, bright and elegant rooms are complimented by sun drenched swimming pools, beautiful manicured gardens, two floors of various shops and services, two bars, as well as one of the finest steakhouses in the entire city.

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New Nordic Village and Services_05


As the name implies, this concept was specifically designed to cater for all the family, whether large or small. Offering a broad selection of first rate accommodation, as-well-as any and all services you’d expect from a family friendly resort.

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Concept Kritine


Comprised of sixty-three rooms over seven floors. This project features a beautiful rooftop swimming pool, surrounded by comfy sunbeds and seating areas. The spacious terrace surrounding the pool grants stunning ocean views. The poolside bar offers guests a wide variety of cool and refreshing beverages while relaxing.

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Concept New Nordic Holiday

New Nordic Holiday

Recently completed with some eighty guest rooms over six floors, New Nordic Holiday is bright, spacious, and tastefully furnished throughout. Each room features some of the best and modern amenities. To ensure guests feel at own home each room has been fitted with a fully functioning kitchen with hotplate, microwave oven and refrigerator.

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Concept Anita


Is part of the Trend Village Zone, comprised of of three separate buildings which provide 175 guest rooms. Anita 1 & 3 each have a roof top swimming pool, giving guests stunning sunsets each evening. Additionally there is a large swimming pool centrally located on the ground floor within easy access to each of Anita’s buildings.

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