New Nordic Chumphon

New Nordic Coral Beach Resort Chumphon

Coral Beach Chumphon – Truly Beautiful

New Nordic Coral Beach Resort Chumphon, will be a combination of privately owned houses along with a number of apartments located on one of Thailand’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches. It feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of of Bangkok and is less ‘touristy’ than places like Phuket or Pattaya.


Coral Beach resort has been designed to blend effortlessly into the idyllic, natural surroundings, and will be comprised of just one, low rise, three story apartment building along with a unique collection of bespoke, luxury detached homes.

New Nordic Coral Beach Resort Chumphon
Apartment Building Coral Beach Resort Chumphon

With this commitment in mind to keeping the project green, the majority of the landscape will actually remain untouched. This is quite rare in today’s market, where most developers are trying to maximize every last square inch of profit.

This ensures both residents and visitors to New Nordic Coral Beach Resort Chumphon, can continue to enjoy the large expansion of lush land that skirts around the white sandy beach, just as nature intended. All facilities, including restaurants, shops and swimming pools will be integrated into and will utilize the environment to its fullest without having to destroy it.

Coral Beach Resort Chumphon
New Nordic Coral Beach Resort


“Coral Beach Resort is set to be one of the most stylish, exclusive and desirable developments in the whole of Thailand.”

Units are available to be bought as an investment. The New Nordic Group are offering to leases apartments back from investors for a 10 year period and guarantee a minimum 10% p.a return on your investment.

This is an fantastic opportunity to get your initial investment back while still being a owner in this amazing resort. This is what most of New Nordics clients are choosing to do.

Coral Beach Chumphon
New Nordic Group Chumphon

View the investment package and details for New Nordics Coral Beach Resort 

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