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A comprehensive hub dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information and updates on what’s happening in the Thai real estate market for buyers, investors and visitors to this wonderful country.


We review, discuss and get into the details of some of the best properties for sale in Thailand. We’ll also be covering the latest investment offers and upcoming opportunities, as well as keeping readers updated with the latest news and information on all things relating to and impacting the Thai property market.


The goal here at Real Estate Thailand is to drill down into the details of what’s on offer to ensure potential property buyers and investors in Thailand get a well balanced, well rounded view of what we consider to be the best, safest and most secure property investment opportunities anywhere in Thailand.


Property investment has long been regarded as one of the cornerstones of investment, there is a reason it’s called ‘real’ estate and that’s because it’s about as real of of asset you can possibly get. Capital appreciation, due to simple economic inflation and dividends paid in the way of rent are what attract investors to any property market in any country in the world.


Any and all long term investors generally have some, if not a large proportion of their investments tied into or linked to property in one form or another.
So whether you are a seasoned investor looking at Thailand as a new potential to expand your portfolio or a newcomer from overseas looking to profit from a property market with decades of growth in front of it, Real Estate Thailand is for you.


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